Welcome to our universe!

At Supersuper, we celebrate imagination. Because with your imagination, a new world awaits around every corner. Will you ride along?

Wonder is magical

It breaks through bubbles and brings worlds together. We want to encourage that power. Because with imagination and curiosity, you embark on your most beautiful journeys of discovery. That incredible wonder transcends all boundaries - it paves the way for a more beautiful and open society for every child.

Ride with wonder

In our Supersuper world, we collaborate with real cycling experts, but we always listen to the child within us. A bike is only truly Supersuper when it's strong and safe and perfectly suited to the child's age.

That's what brings joy

We primarily consider what the child themselves find important: like being able to take their doll in the basket, for instance. Or whether their sturdy transport bike can handle a bump. But also, whether they'll be absolutely delighted with how their bike looks, because that just makes everything a bit more fun.

To the moon and back

Children explore the world with curiosity. That's why we create bikes that allow you to embark on adventures. This is your ticket to distant lands and exciting places. Trust in your bike, and all you have to do is follow the stars.

Any more questions? You can call or email us every day. Real cycling experts are here to assist you.

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